At Caritas Financial, we aim to go above and beyond the typical financial planning process for retirement. Our goals-based discovery process identifies what is important to you, what lifestyle you want to lead and what you want your legacy to be.

The Caritas Process to deliver an exceptional client experience includes:

Step 1: Exploratory Meeting

Conversation with you and a dedicated Caritas advisor to learn about your needs for a comfortable and well planned retirement, as well as to understand your assets and liabilities


Step 2: Determining Your Individual Goals

Discussion of your current lifestyle and the one you envision in retirement to identify your financial needs and develop a plan to pursue your goal


Step 3: Planning for Your Retirement Income

Leading a team of skilled professionals, your advisor designs a plan that accounts for your priorities, individuality, and needs to develop a strategy and action plan working towards your desired retirement


Step 4: Managing Your Action Plan

Maintaining a focus on your strategy, regardless of daily market fluctuations, mixed with evaluation of your returns allows your advisor and team to help your plan stay on track


Step 5: Communicating with You

Connecting with you regularly provides opportunities to share performance updates, reviewing your aspirations, and make any necessary adjustments. Plus, with a dedicated advisor and strategy team, you can reach us directly when you have any questions